Rocco’s Walkout Brunch, No Vaccine Mandate!

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Rocco's Walkout Brunch, No Vaccine Mandate!, Joy Supports NO Vax Mandates!
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Rocco’s Pasticceria & Cafe held a walkout brunch to show support for medical freedom, specifically for the NO Vaccine Mandate. The tyrannical NYC government as well as the federal gov is showing their true radical colors. By implementing the unconstitutional vax mandate, it is obvious our country’s corrupt admin wants socialist ideology. However, the American people do not!

Rocco’s Walkout Brunch in Brooklyn New York

No Vaccine Mandate at Rocco’s Pasticceria & Cafe NYC, Live Performance

iViewTube was at Rocco’s bakery today and had a great time!

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December 5, 2021 2:36 pm

I’ve been to Rocco’s, great place!!!