John Paul Rice Exposes Human and Child Trafficking Ring

VIDEO: Independent Hollywood film producer John Paul Rice exposes the truth and reality about hollywoods dark secret, human and child sex trafficking ring, torture and abuse of children. iViewTube News Report

Kimberly Klacik Campaign Ad Baltimore District #7

VIDEO: Kimberly Klacik’s Campaign Ad, telling the truth about the disastrous Democratic run city of Baltimore and how Black Lives Don’t Matter To Democrats.

VIDEO: Glenn Beck interviews Dr. Simone Gold on his podcast show, Dr. Gold exposes the truth about the wonder drug Hydroxychloroquine on iViewTube Video News Report.

VIDEO: America’s Frontline Doctors Speak the Truth about COVID-19 and Hydroxychloroquine.

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The United States of America’s COVID-19 (Coronavirus) positive cases and deaths have been declining. 

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